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Trends in the law


What are lawyers thinking about?

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Trends affecting the legal profession

Technology, innovation and law firms

Globalisation and the law





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Mental health and the law

Law firm salary hikes 2019

How law firms are responding to Brexit



Application advice

 Managing job offers

Be the best version of yourself.

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How to choose a legal career

Researching law firms for applications

Musts for training contract applications



Becoming a lawyer in...

Becoming a project finance lawyer

Practice area insight from industry leaders.

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STEM students: become a lawyer

Working at an American firm in London

Becoming a lawyer outside London



Market analysis

Trainee retention 2018

How is the world of the law changing?

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Law firm diversity 2018/19

Trainee retention 2018

Law firms' preferred universities 2019



Law school

Making successful applications

Your road to becoming a lawyer starts here.

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Qualifying from overseas

The Solicitors Qualifying Examination

First-year opportunities



Diversity and inclusion

Travers diversity

Thought leadership and market analysis.

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Law firm diversity 2019

Gender pay gap 2018

School background of trainee solicitors



The Big Interview

Baroness Hale interview

In conversation with legal legends.

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Baroness Hale

Leslie Thomas QC

Dame Linda Dobbs



The Bar

A career at the Bar

Wannabe barristers, right this way...

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Pupillage application tips

What is mooting?

How much do barristers earn?